Joss Whedon Confirms Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver for Avengers 2

So in an interview with, Avengers 2 writer and director Joss Whedon has officially confirmed that the brother/sister duo mentioned earlier will indeed be the Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver.

Is this a sign of the Marvel Universe starting to become integrated with Fox’s X-Men properties? Will they even be acknowledged as Magneto’s children? As mutants? Or will Marvel Studios fabricate a brand new back-story to introduce them?

How much hilarity would ensue if they became hugely popular and Quicksilver had his own spin-off film or television show before DC Comics can get anything with The Flash off the ground? #WBLOOL’s

Source: IGN

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Starlord Cameo in Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Trailer

[Image: tumblr_mmt5sp53El1r05yx3o1_500.gif]

[Image: tumblr_mmt5sp53El1r05yx3o3_500.gif]

[Image: tumblr_mmt5sp53El1r05yx3o2_500.gif]

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I Wanna Fly Air New Zealand Now!

This is a brilliant in-flight safety video

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Zombie Drive Thru

1:56 is the best

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Unlock the 007 In You

This is so awesome…

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Halloween Gangnam Style

OK, I officially like this song again…


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Iron Man 3 Trailer…Insane…

Uh oh…someone gasm’d in my pants…

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Lo Pan Style

Psy’s Gangnam Style might have hit it’s sixteenth minute of fame but this parody focusing on Lo Pan from the 80′s cult classic Big Trouble in Little China has reawakened my interest in the song. The James Hong cameo makes this extra awesome.

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New York Comic Con – Saturday Night

My Saturday at the NYCC was much shorter. I had already done my walk-throughs, bought everything I wanted and now I could relax. I woke up late, took the express bus into the city and then just wandered around for the most part.

I met up with my buddy Steve and we just people-watched for a few hours before he had to head out for the Lewis Black show on Broadway. After he headed out I knew I wanted to go to the Fables panel that was an hour and a half away from starting so I decided to just sit in the panel room early and catch the one beforehand as well.

I was able to grab a front-row seat and had a great time watching this promotional panel hyping up TBS’s new show King of the Nerds. The guests for the panel were none other than two of the stars of the 80′s classic Revenge of the Nerds, Curtis Armstrong (Booger) and Robert Carradine (Lewis). The panel started gloriously with the moderator accidentally introducing Robert as David Carradine which elicited a laugh from everybody. They started off by discussing the reality competition series and showing us a sneak peek at the contestants and the awesome house they were going to live in.

They then had a great interactive component where they plucked people from the audience to compete in different contests for some convention swag. There was a Rubik’s Cube competition, a comics trivia contest and a debate arguing whether Superman or Batman was better. Everyone in the audience also received King of the Nerds nerd-glasses and a commemorative Rubik’s Cube for attending.

Following that I stayed in the room for the Fables 10th Anniversary panel which featured the main book’s writer Bill Willingham, his co-writer Matt Sturges, Fairest writer Sean E. Willliams and Editor Shelly Bond. They did a lot of promo work for the main series, talked about their new title Fairest and their upcoming graphic novel Werewolves of the Heartland which comes out next month. One lucky attendee (dressed as Invincible’s Atom Eve) was able to walk out with an early copy of the book after a singing contest. Her two other competitors who weren’t so lucky did get to receive Boy Blue scarves which were a pretty cool prize in itself. T-shirts and variant comics were given out randomly to those who asked questions and the panel guests were doing a great job just making the time fly by with their wit, generosity and compelling reveals.

One of the coolest things I saw was the art from Sean E. Williams’s Fairest arc with pencils by Stephen Sadowski and inks by Phil Jimenez.

Right after this I wandered around a bit more with another buddy, Alex, and then headed home to catch my wife who had just returned back from a flight that evening. I skipped the next day’s festivities but I still think my time there ended on a high note. I was able to meet some cool people. get some nice swag and got to have some wicked experiences.

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New York Comic Con – Friday Night

Overall, I would say that the New York Comic Con was a rollicking success. It seemed like the atmosphere was very upbeat overall but there were some things that could be improved upon that aren’t just isolated to the NYCC but other conventions as well.

The rest of my convention wasn’t as eventful as my first day’s experience but it was still a great time. Because I was able to get so much done in the relatively empty Thursday night, I was able to spend my Friday and Saturday (I didn’t go Sunday to spend time with my lovely wife who had just returned back from a trip) just browsing and going to panels.

On Friday, my schedule consisted of chatting up writer Cullen Bunn and purchasing the third TPB of the Sixth Gun (which he did with artist Brian Hurtt) and a copy of his newest series Helheim which he’s started with artist Joelle Jones. Congratulations were in order because it was just announced that The Sixth Gun was getting produced by Universal Television and with Lost’s showrunner Carlton Cuse attached to it. Finished reading the TPB and it was awesome as always for those interested. I cannot wait to see this brought to the screen.

Panels were also on my agenda. I first went to the Editors on Editing panel where Filip Sablik (Former publisher at Top Cow and currently at Boom Studios in the Sales department), Scott Allie (Editor at Dark Horse) and Ben Abernathy (Former Editor at WildStorm) were the guests. It was an interesting time detailing how they went through their process and detailing the background machinations needed in order to get their work from their creators on time.

I left midway to meet my friend Mark and went to the Digital Price Showdown Panel featuring comiXology co-founder John D. Roberts as well as Marvel Comics SVP of Sales Publishing David Gabriel and publisher Ted Adams (IDW). This was a great panel detailing the thought process behind the pricing for digital comics on the comiXology app and the impact that their sales and events have on sales numbers.

This was followed by the Archie Comics panel featuring their co-CEO Jon Goldwater, President Mike Pellerito, EIC Victor Gorelick, Writer/Artist Dan Parent and writer Michael Uslan. Archie Comics are one of my earliest memories of the hobby and it’s always fun hearing about how the magic happens. This panel was made all the better by the massive gift bag that they doled out to all in attendance.

The next panel was Marvel’s Breaking Into Comics The Marvel Way hosted by Marvel’s Talent Scout CB Cebulski and featuring Sam Humphries (writer, Ultimates and Uncanny X-Force), Ramon Perez (artist, Eisner Award Winning Tale of Sand and Wolverine & The X-Men), Dan Slott (writer, Amazing Spider-Man), Ryan Stegman (artist, Superior Spider-Man), Mark Bagley (artist, Fantastic Four and Ultimate Spider-Man) Tom Brevoort (Editor) and Arune Singh (Director of Publicity). This was a fun panel with humorous anecdotes detailing the paths that each of these talented individuals had to experience before reaching their current points in their career.

After this I did a walk through Artists Alley again and purchased a piece from Ivan Reis’s book of preliminary sketches. It’s a really rough rendition of the cover to Green Arrow #11.

To end the panel I met up with some friends and headed for dinner at Bon Chon Chicken at 32nd Street and Fifth Avenue. It was my buddy Alex’s first time having Korean fried chicken and I needed to pop his cherry. We then headed to the Houndstooth Pub for the Image and Multiversity Comics Party and the rest of the night is an inebriated blur. MACARONI SCOUNDRELS!!!

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